Tramper Mobility Scooter

TRAMPER Mobility Scooters are well known for their off road capability however to people unfamiliar with them I have included some brief information from the Tramper website.
I recently had the opportunity to take a Tramper mobility scooter on one of my workshop routes and I was amazed at their capabilities.
Click for video showing client on a recent photography workshop

Tramper sml

Tramper Mobility Scooter is our oldest and most sought after all-terrain mobility scooter. It was the first all-terrain mobility scooter and still remains the best performing one, on the market. It offers you all the benefits of a road scooter, but with the off-road capability for you to go anywhere.

The Tramper features a unique chassis design that is on rubber suspension all round, it has great articulation allowing you to cross ruts and bumps safely. It has light accurate steering with virtual centre point steering, eliminating bump steer and keeping the steering effort to a minimum. It is very stable with a low centre of gravity and great articulation allowing you to take your Tramper on slopes up to 25 degrees inclines, both sideways and forward and aft. While our unique large back wheels mean that you glide over all the small bumps, unlike on other scooters. All our wheels are fitted with puncture sealant, and all our suspension systems are tailored to soften the ride.

A testament to The Tramper's engineering excellence is the Queens Award for Engineering Excellence we won in 2009, the only all-terrain mobility scooter to do so.
(Information from the Tramper Website)